DLX T-11 Mineral top coat, grey

DLX T-11 is a thin layer decorative plaster designed for manual, indoor and outdoor plaster works as well as building thermal insulation systems – in a so-called light & wet method. It may be used on mineral bases of all types, such as: cement surfaces, cement-lime or gypsum surfaces, gypsum boards, concrete surfaces and other. It is recommended for ARSANIT THERMA DELUX insulation systems.

It is a ready–to-use, mineral mixture of grey cement and other filling materials, as well as carefully selected aggregate fractions of proper thickness. DLX T-11 is resistant to washing and contact with water because of suitable hydrophobic agents’ content.


Sub-floor should be stable, load bearing and cleaned – free from dirt of any type. Old coats of paint or plaster of not enough adherences must be removed and any damaged plaster must be repaired. On surfaces of lime plaster, lime-cement, cement or concrete as well as reinforcement of insulation system DLX P-30 primer coat must be applied. Usage of DLX P-30 primer results in significant strengthening of base, decreasing of base absorbability and facilitation of plaster works. Wet layers of traditional cement plasters, cement-lime and lime used as primer layer should be stabilized at least for 21 days.

DLX T-11 is prepared by mixing in a container a whole bag of mortar with measured amount of water (4.5 – 5.0 l per one 25 kg bag). Mortar must be mechanically stirred until homogenous consistency is obtained. The mortar may be applied after 10 minutes and stirring it once again. Repeated stirring may help in obtaining consistency proper to conditions in which the mortar will be applied. Prepared mortar must be used within 1.5 hour. It is recommended to stir the mortar time to time during its application in order to unify its consistency.

Apply a grain-thick layer of plaster on prepared surface by means of a smooth float. Remove exceeding amount of mortar. After a proper time lapse dependant on conditions of application (base absorptivity, ambient temperature and mortar consistency) give the plaster required texture by means of plastic float. After a short period of time, when the mortar no longer adhere itself to the float, it is possible to create texture by means of plastic float held flat. Plaster may be floated vertically, horizontally, with circular movements or crossing directions what gives you possibility to create different textures. The plaster should be applied “wet on wet” method, in order to avoid creating vivid cut off lines. Plan the job in a manner enabling creation of technological joints in building corners or structural bends, under downpipes, on contact of different colours etc. Protect surface being plastered against direct sunlight, winds and precipitation during plaster works and afterwards. Plaster drying period dependant from base material and ambient conditions is… During plastering works and plaster drying ambient temperature should be kept within range from +5 to +250C. Plastered surface may be painted using facade paints after 2 to 6 weeks from plastering works finish.

Texture: “lamb” Consumption
1.5 2.1 – 2.4 kg/m2
2.0 2.8 – 3.2 kg/m2

Texture: “bark beetle” Consumption
1.5 2.0 – 2.3 kg/m2
2.0 2.6 – 3.0 kg/m2

The guidelines describe the range of product’s use and advisable method of using it but it cannot replace a professional preparation for the work. The producer guarantees the product quality, but it has no influence on the conditions and method of using it.

The mortar contains cement. It gives alcaline reaction with water. Protect eyes and skin. If the product gets to eyes, wash them with water and contact a doctor.

Store the product in the original packages in a dry room on pallets. Protect the product from moisture.

12 months from the production date.

25 kg bags, 48 bags palette, 1200 kg.


Ingredients Portland cement, mineral aggregates, modifiers
Mixing proportions 0.18-0.2 L of water per 1 kg of the mortar

4.5-5.0 L of water per 25 kg of the mortar

Consumption time about 1.5 hr
Application temperature from +5°C to +25°C
Plaster open time: about 20 min
Compressive strength: CSIV (≥ 6.0 MPa)
Bending strength: ≥ 3.0 MPa
Density of the dried hardened mortar: 1,575 ±25 kg/m3
Adhesion to the strong substrate after seasoning cycles: ≥ 1.2 MPa
Adhesion to the weak substrate after seasoning cycles: ≥ 0.12 MPa
Water permeability after seasoning cycles: strong substrate ≤ 0.5 ml/cm2*48 hrs
Water permeability after seasoning cycles: weak substrate ≤ 0.25 ml/cm2*48 hrs
Freeze-thaw resistance (seasoning effect) without changes
Reaction to fire Class F
Water absorption W2
Water vapour permeability coefficient µ 15/35
Thermal conductivity coefficient 10,dry)≤ 0.67 W/m∙K

(table value)


-Adhesion after required seasoning cycles

-Water permeability after seasoning cycles


≥ 0.15 N/mm2 FB:B

≤ 1ml/cm2 after 48 hrs

Technical specification: ETA 15/0311 dated 29/05/2015


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