DLX P-30 Acrylic primer

DLX P-30 is used to prepare adhesive undercoat before plaster finish is done. It is a universal multi-surface undercoat product that can be used on mineral surfaces of all types. DLX P-30 is efficient and easy to use.

Uniformly apply plaster undercoat DLX P-30 to the prepared surface by means of a paint brush or a roll. The undercoat should not be applied in the temperature of less than +5oC. 5 to 6 hours after applying plaster undercoat you may start applying plaster finish.

DLX P-30 is delivered as ready-to-use product. It is not allowed to dilute it, thicken it or mix it with other products. After opening the bucket, its content must be stirred thoroughly to obtain homogenous consistency. The surface must be solid, even, cleaned, free from dust, lime coating, fat, oil, wax, or paint residues (chalk, lime, emulsion and oil paint). Main irregularities must be evened before. Surfaces of high dampness must be dried before plaster works. Never apply plaster undercoat on frozen surfaces.



Average consumption of the undercoat is approx. 0.2 l per 1 m2.

DLX P-30 should be transported and stored in tight sealed buckets, in the temperatures above zero. It must be protected against overheating. Never leave the bucket open or spare the rest of the product for future application.
Date of expiration: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

DATE OF MANUFACTURE/COLOUR: given on the package.

5 L bucket; 72 bucket pallet, 360 L;
10 L bucket; 44 bucket pallet, 440 L.


Ingredients: water dispersion, synthetic resins and mineral fillers
Colour: white or colour
Density: about 1.4 kg/dm3
Application temperature: + 50C to + 250C
Drying time: about 4 hrs
Consumption: About 0.2 L/m2 depending on the substrate absorption
Technical specification: ETA 15/0311 dated 29/05/2015


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