DLX K15 Basecoat for sticking foamed polystyrene boards and embedding mesh

In the ARSANIT DLX K-15 system it is used for sticking foamed polystyrene boards on typical mineral grounds – that is bricks, traditional cement plaster or cement-calcareous, concrete, cellular concrete, or in reinforced layer. The plaster can be used for filling little depletions.

Glue mortar DLX K-15 is a dry mix of high quality cement, mineral fillings and polymer modifiers. Glue mortar DLX K-15 is very elastic, with improved adhesion, high steam-permeability, has high efficiency and is easy in use. DLX K-15 mortar can be used indoor as well as outdoors.


Dry mixture of glue mortar pour into about 5-6 litres of water and mix it (manually or automatically) until You get a homogeneous mixture. The glue is ready to use after 5 minutes and after mixing again. The glue mortar should be used up within 2-3 hours.

The temperature of work should be from +5°C to +25°C. The ground, on which DLX K-15 is used should be dry, clean, fat-free and free of any other alien materials. Very absorbent ground should be stained with ACRYLIC GROUND STRONGER AG-015. If the ground is difficult, unstable, there should be adhesion try made. DLX K-15 should be put onto foamed polystyrene with the trowel, circulate the mortar on the whole surface of the board or use the edge-point method. Directly after putting the glue, put the board to the ground and bang it until it gets the desired form. Choose the amount of mortar so that 60 % of the board is sticked. When the mortar is dried, attach foamed polystyrene boards with the plastic connectors. The reinforced layer is made by stringing the DLX K-15 mortar onto isolation layer and to lute the glas fibre net in vertical lanes.

Sticking polystyrene boards depending on the ground is 3,3 – 5 kg/m2
Making the reinforced layer is 3 – 3,5 kg/m2.

The guidelines describe the range of product’s use and advisable method of using it but it cannot replace a professional preparation for the work. The producer guarantees the product quality, but it has no influence on the conditions and method of using it.

The mortar contains cement. It gives alcaline reaction with water. Protect eyes and skin. If the product gets to eyes, wash them with water and contact a doctor.

Store the product in the original packages in a dry room on pallets. Protect the product from moisture.

12 months from the production date stated on the package.

25 kg bags, 48 bags palette, 1200 kg.


Ingredients Portland cement, mineral fillers, modifiers
Mixture proportions 0.20-0.24 L of water per 1 kg of the mortar

5.0-6.0 L of water per 25 kg of the mortar

Pre-ageing time 5 min
Mortar workability time about 2-3 hrs
Application temperature from +5°C to +25°C
Adhesion to concrete air-dried

≥ 0.25 MPa

after 2 day immersion in water and 2 hour drying

≥ 0.08 MPa

after 2 day immersion in water and 7 day drying

≥ 0.25 MPa

Adhesion to EPS air-dried

≥ 0.08 MPa

after 2 day immersion in water and 2 hour drying

≥ 0.03 MPa

after 2 day immersion in water and 7 day drying

≥ 0.08 MPa

Content of soluble chromium VI in a ready to use mix ≤ 0.0002%
EPS picking 3.3-5.0 kg/m2
Installation of reinforced layer 3.0-3.5 kg/m2
Technical specification ETA 15/0311 dated 29/05/2015


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