DLX F-50 Silicate facade paint

Our Silicate Fa├žade Paint is the latest generation silicate paint made of liquid potassium glass with an addition of high quality fillers and chemicals. The paint reacts chemically with the substrate in the silicification process and penetrates into its structure. It is vapour-permeable, ensures free transport of water vapour and release of moisture through the material where the paint was applied. Same time hydrophobic additives protect the painted area against moisture.



Our silicate paint can be used to paint mineral substrates such as cement, lime-cement render and thin-layered top coats. It can also be applied to raw surfaces made of concrete or bricks etc.

It is highly economical and has a premium, matt appearance. It is suitable for painting, rolling and spraying.

Available in a range of colours in Arsanit Colour Chart.


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