DLX F-40 Silicone facade paint

Thanks to its self-cleaning properties the façade remains clean and attractive for longer. Silicone finish greatly reduces adherence of dirt particles and any water or moist instantly runs off the hydrophobic texture, washing away any soiling. Our Silicone Façade Paint is suitable for masonry and rendered surfaces, it waterproofs the façade same time ensuring excellent vapour diffusion. Thanks to those quantities it prevents proliferation of microorganisms and keeps your façade protected from dust, dirt, algae and fungal growth.



We are using innovative AMME™ (Advanced Micro Matrix Embedding) technology with a new generation of dry-film ACTICIDE® biocides with a wide range of benefits. Advantages of AMME include enhanced dry film stability, improved thermal and UV stability, and reduced leaching and discoloration potential. The technology also enables products with an optimized toxicological profile and improved in-can stability.

It is highly economical and has a premium, matt appearance. It is suitable for painting, rolling and spraying.

Available in a range of colours in Arsanit Colour Chart.


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